Comprehensive organization of hunting hunts in Poland

We organize individual and group hunts throughout the country. Our clients are Polish and foreign hunters. We are pleased to share with our guests the wonderful Polish hunting traditions.

For centuries, our country has been known throughout Europe for having magnificent hunting grounds and great hunting traditions. Hospitality is our national trait, known and appreciated by our neighbors. We combine all these elements into one whole, arranging unforgettable, full of hospitality hunter meetings.

The hunts organized by our company are distinguished by their high quality and full professionalism. We take care of every detail in all stages of the hunt, starting from the hunt concept, through the setting of the entire hunt, transport in the hunting grounds and accommodation.

We provide our clients with comprehensive services. We organize the hunting, arrival at the hunting site from anywhere in the world, preparation and shipment of trophies, and we also prepare an interesting plan for spending free time for you and your family, so that you can get to know places and tourist attractions that are popular within a given region.

Darz Bór!

Hunting offer in Poland

Group hunting is a unique experience that combines an unforgettable atmosphere with a powerful dose of adrenaline. It is the best form of hunting if you want to test your shooting skills, but also get to know Polish hunting traditions and Polish hospitality.

from 1399 €

Offer for hunters and their relatives, including a family trip with the possibility of individual hunting. You will spend your evenings and mornings in the hunting ground, and during the rest of the day we organize attractive trips to selected locations for you.

from 999 €

A package for hunters who appreciate high hunting comfort in the best hunting grounds. We prepare the offer according to the individual needs and guidelines of the hunter.

from 549 €

Hunting calendar


Red Deer

Stag – from 643 €
Hind/Calf – from 79 €

Hunting season:
Stag: 21.08 – 28.02
Hind: 1.10 – 15.01
Calf: 1.10 – 28.02


Roe Deer

Buck – from 76 €
Doe/Kid – from 39 €

Hunting season:
Buck: 11.05 – 30.09
Buck: 1.10 – 15.01
Kid: 1.10 – 15.01


Fallow Deer

Stag – from 419 €
Hind/Calf – from 69 €

Hunting season:
Stag : 1.10 – 31.01
Hind: 1.10 – 15.01
Calf : 1.10. – 15.01



Male – from 799 €
Female/Kid – from 69 €

Hunting season:
Male: 1.10 – 28.02
Female: 1.10 – 15.01
Kid: 1.10 – 15.01


Wild Boar

Wild boar – from 89 €

Hunting season:
Male: cały rok
Female: full year

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